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Customer Care

What if I don't want to subscribe - can I still read the website for free?

Currently, you have unlimited free access to the homepage and section fronts on chronicletimes.com. But access to "premium" content pages, including news articles and features, is limited to a number of specific views and metered. Once reached, you will need to subscribe. Your free, limited access resets every 30 days.

I've forgotten the password to my account. What do I do?

Follow this link to go to the password reminder tool.

Who do I call if I have log in problems?

Please contact the Circulation Department at 1-800-444-4812.

Can I still access articles through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media?

Yes. We encourage links from Facebook, Twitter, blogs and social media. When you visit chronicletimes.com through a link from one of these channels, that article will not count toward your monthly limit of free articles.

Why charge for "premium" online content?

Upon reaching your monthly reading limit, you'll be asked to subscribe. Your subscription helps us continue to invest in the quality journalism you know and love. If you're a regular reader, we hope you'll consider subscribing. You'll get unlimited access to all of our content, including articles, blog posts, video, slide shows and other features.

Do comments count toward my monthly limit?

No. User-generated content does not count toward your monthly limit. This includes comments on articles and blog posts. When you click the Comments link on an article page to view the associated readers' comments page, the new page will not count toward your monthly limit.

Can I access my digital subscription on more than one computer?

Yes, you can access chronicletimes.com on any browser, on most any computer pending internet connection.

Does the digital subscription include access to the Online Reader?

The Online Reader is a separate product that is free for print subscribers.

When I go on vacation, can I put my online subscription to the chronicletimes.com on hold?

No. Our digital content is available anywhere there's an Internet connection, so we're not offering vacation suspensions. When you put your print subscription on hold, your digital access will not be affected.

I've signed up for chronicletimes.com emails and newsletters. Will email newsletters be affected?

No, you don't need a digital subscription in order to receive our e-mail newsletters.

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Having trouble subscribing? Contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-444-4812