Downtown Mural

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Photos by Mike Leckband

Recently, the Cherokee Arts Council created a mural on the east side of the Schuster Building (one time home of McWilliams Drug Store) in downtown Cherokee. The new sign welcomes visitors to Cherokee and is part of a beautification project by the members of the Cherokee Arts Council. Members who helped with the mural were Michele Deiber Kumm, Linda Ducommun, Lori Thomas, Jim Adamson, Susan Jensen, Linda Burkhart, and Kerisa Pingel. The project was also completed due to the special efforts of The Sanford Museum, Kid 2 Kid Consignment, The Depot, and Duane Mummert, who provided ladders and scaffolding. All other materials, including paint, rollers, brushes, etc., were provided by the Arts Council.