County Fifth grade students take farm tour

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Photos by Rhonda Fassler

Countywide Farm Tour held By Rhonda Fassler The Cherokee Chamber Agri-Business Committee recently hosted their annual 5th grade farm education day and farm tour. On Monday, presenters went to each of the four county schools, to talk about: beef, pork, dairy, soybeans and corn. Each group of presenter spoke for approximately 15 minutes and had five minutes of question and answer time. The presenters were divided into two groups and each group went to two county schools. They discussed a variety of things that the students would see the following day on the tour. Presenters included: Dr. Brit Carlson, Beef; Tim Bierman, Pork; Jason Ducommun, Beef; Tom Oswald, Corn and Soybeans; Vernon Winterhof,, Dairy; Tom Kellen, Soybeans; Emmet Wolf, Pork; Gary Small; Soybens and Loren Johnson, Dairy. The following day, countywide the students loaded up on school buses and headed out. Their day consisted of a tour of Dave and Janet Sullivan's hog farm, either a trip to Mark and Sarah Wilxox's or Fordyce's Dairy, Little Sioux Corn Processors and Sand Seeds. All students had a lunch of hotdogs donated by Tyson Foods, corn chips, cookies and milk donated by Robert's Dairy. This fifth grade farm tour has been held for over 30 years is a great way for the students to learn about the process that occurs to bring food to their table and fuel in the family car. Also each year Paul Wilkens, safety director of Sand Seeds, teaches the students about farm safety and demonstrates how quickly, in the time it takes to snap your fingers, an accident can occur on the farm. Educating the students that live on the farm and those who might visit the farm, how careful you need to be and how alert you need to stay everyday. The committee is grateful for the support of the volunteers who have dedicated their time for many years to this project of educating our youth of the county.