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Thursday, March 25, 2010
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5th grade reading project - Recently, Cherokee Middle School fifth grade reading students, under the guidance of their teachers, Sue Nelson, Katie Leonard, and Dawn Jenness, completed a special project the week prior to spring break. Each student demonstrated comprehension of their book and their grasp of technology by writing and creating a book report in the form of a powerpoint. Daisy the C.O.W. (computers on wheels) containing fifteen laptop computers was brought into the classroom allowing each student to develop a powerpoint presentation containing information about their book's author, setting, main characters, the character's problems, the story's main events, and a catchy phrase enticing others to read their book. The students learned how to set up each slide, change font color and size, add clip art, and include animation and sound. The students presented their powerpoints to their class the day they returned from spring break.