River Valley Spring Play

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Photos by Ron Flewelling

On March 26 and 27, the RV Speech and Drama Club of River Valley High School presented the comic play "Wild Pink." The play opens on the farm of Jebediah (portaryed by Casey Herron) and his sons Robert, Victor and Patrick (Andrew Volkert, Samuel Lundt and Dylan Dalton.) In the first minutes of the production, Jebediah reveals to his sons that their long-lost Aunt Mildred has announced that she plans on leaving her many millions to her sister's offspring. In fact, she has invited them to her estate for a visit so she can reassure herself that they are worthy to inherit her millions. This comes as fantastic news to the boys until Jebediah also reveals that not only is their aunt under the mistaken impression that the three are girls, but that she intensely dislikes boys as well. To obtain their fair share of the action, the boys are going to have to do some serious scheming. The brothers make the decision that if their dear old Aunt Millie was expecting three nieces, by golly, that's just what the old gal would get. The three do some cross-gendering sleight-of-hand and arrive at their aunt's mansion disguised as "Roberta," "Victoria" and "Patricia." And then , as they say, hilarity ensues...