Our Own Sutherland and Calumet

Thursday, April 29, 2010
stories and photos by Mike Leckband except where noted

Fun Facts about Sutherland ... Located in Northwest Iowa, the community of Sutherland is nestled amidst some of the most scenic territory in the Midwest. Sutherland is also a fun town with a rollicking history. Although the town of Sutherland was founded in 1881, it was not incorporated until 1883, making the town the oldest in O'Brien County. But Sutherland's roots go back even further than that. The town of O'Brien was the first town in the county. The remnants of that community can still be seen today, a short drive of six miles east of Sutherland. Near to the site of the Waterman Monument (the site of Hannibal H. Waterman's home and the birth place of the first know person of European decent, Waterman's daughter Anna Waterman) located directly across the street from the Prairie Heritage Center. Like many northwestern Iowa towns, Sutherland got started with the Railroad. That was the reason for the departure of the town of O'Brien. Buildings and businesses from O'Brien were moved to the new, yet un-named town. The naming of Sutherland, according to local lore, is a story of happenstance...