Our Own Paullina

Sunday, August 29, 2010
Stories and photos by Mike Leckband

The town of Paullina, in O'Brien County, is featured in this Photo Gallery. Paullina , "the Gem of the Prairie," is the financial, industrial, educational, recreational, employment, shopping and arts center of the surrounding area. A spirit of excellence and harmony are prominent in the growth of businesses and industries that market products and services throughout the nation and abroad. The Paullina Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Paullina are united in the effort to make Paullina an excellent business community. The citizens are proud of the quality of life in Paullina. The elementary and secondary schools, both public and private, are respected throughout the state. The cultural climate is enhanced by the activities of community organizations as well as the educational institutions. The parks and recreational activities provide year - around variety to address the needs of families. The many varied religious congregations offer spiritual diversity in the community. Paullina is a progressive and aggressive city committed to an improved quality of life and a prosperous climate for economic development. You are invited to share the advantages and opportunities of Paullina...