Little Sioux Fishing Club's Catfish Marathon

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Story and photos by Ron Flewelling, correspondent

On September 18, the waters of the Little Sioux River were once again whipped into a fine and proper froth as over a score of area fisherfolks headed on out with their rods and bait cans in hand to compete in the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's third and final Catfish Marathon of the year. The unseasonable cold, rainy clime did not deter these avid anglers from pitting their skills against the Little Sioux's wily catfish denizens and competing nightcrawler-to-night crawler against their fellow fishermen for the bragging rights as the top catfish catching cowboy of these parts. The usual rules, as in previous contests, applied to the all-night fishing frenzy and all fish must be taken from the depths of the Little Sioux River by hook or long as it was attached to a rod and reel. The fish-fest could either be a solo endeavor or a group effort of up to four members (since it is pretty widely known that the mighty catfish is dangerous when it is cornered.) Cash prizes were awarded to the winning anglers who reeled in the heftiest stringers of five catfish. This time around, 23 anglers making up nine teams signed on for the event. Nine anglers also competed in a side contest for the biggest carp award brought in by a single fisherman. The contest's weigh-in took place at the Little Sioux Park on September 19. When the weights were tallied, first place honors were presented to Darrel Carter for his stringer of five cats that tipped the scales at an impressive 19 lb. Second place was captured by the team of Justin and Jason Still, Chris Hanson and Jeff Deeds for their stringer that weighed in at 13 lb., 7 oz. For their proficiency in the art of angling, the winners received $30 and $25 for first and second places respectively. No carp were turned in during the weigh-in. As mentioned previously, this is the final fishing marathon of the summer. Fishing club member Bernie Ketelsen, however, noted that there has been a lot of interest expressed in having a fishing contest this winter when the river is frozen over. If the decision to have an ice fishing contest is made, it will be announced in the local papers. The next scheduled event on the Little Sioux Fishing Club's social calendar will be their awards banquet taking place some time in late winter.