Correctionville angling club Cat Contest

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Photos by Ron Flewelling

On August 20, our area's avid anglers lost little time in taking their rods, reels, bait cans, magic amulets and six packs of their beverages of choice and stampeding off to their favorite secret fishing holes on the river. This migration in the direction of the watery parameters of the Little Sioux was precipitated by the opportunity to compete in the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's second All-Night Catfish-Catching Marathon of the summer. As in the previous contests, all fish must be caught on a rod and reel and taken from the Little Sioux River in the area between Cherokee and Smithland. After all, as far as the Little Sioux Fishing Club is concerned, if you can't find a stringer of cats in 30 or 40 miles of river, you just might as well take up wood carving or golf or something as your hobby. The marathon, however, could include a tag team tango with each team ranging from one person to four team members. On this summer's second installment of the Little Sioux Fishing Club's catfish roundup, 69 adventurous anglers making up 27 teams sallied forth to compete in the event At the weigh-in, which took place on August 21 at the Little Sioux Park in rural Correctionville, cash prizes were awarded for the biggest stringers of five catfish. There was also a side solo contest of the largest carp reeled in from the depths of the Little Sioux. When the results were finally tallied, the laurels as top catfish catcher went to solo angler Darrell Carter for his stringer that tipped the scales at 30 lb., 11 oz. Second place was captured by the team of Chris Hansen, Travis Deeds Justin Still and Chase Mohr for their 30 lb., 2 oz. stringer. Third place was presented to expert anglers Jon Petersen and Mike McGee for their 23 lb., 1 oz. catch. Fourth place was taken by the team of Steve Strehlow, Troy Hamman and Kyler Steffens for their five cats who weighed in at 22 lb., 14 oz. Fifth place was earned by the 21 lb., 6 oz. stringer reeled in by the team of LeRoy and Angie Edwards, Devon Voss and Evan Harrington. The first five places received monetary awards that tallied out to $87, $72, $58, $43 and $28 respectively. It was also announced that Brandon Burkhart had captured the top tier in the largest carp end of the contest, receiving $28 prize money for his carp catching capabilities. At the end of the weigh-in, a new fishing rod was raffled off by the club. This was won by Lisa Paris. On a final note, it should be pointed out that the next club-sponsored fishing tournament will be taking place on a weekend late next month.