Cleghorn Reader October Reader

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anna Schmidt rules as Cleghorn's Reader by Ron Flewelling No matter how you look at it, October is one of those pivotal points in the year. For one thing, the climate seems to be taking a teeter-totter ride as Mother Nature pauses for one last deep breath of autumn air before toppling things over the edge into a good old ice-laced Iowa winter, Before we swap this pleasant fall clime for the white stuff, however, there's time to join the librarians and other sundry literature lovers over Cleghorn way as they celebrate the season with three cheers and an Indian Summer salute for Anna Schmidt, the recipient of the honors as the Cleghorn Library's October Reader of the Month. When it comes time for her to face an avalanche of studies on any given academic day, this reader can be found solidly ensconced at her desk in the sixth grade classroom at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn. Since it is widely known that Anna has quite a creative streak, it will come as no surprise to learn that Art is her top subject this school year. She also avers that no matter how you shake the sketching pencil, Mrs. Utesch always wins out as her teacher of choice. As she nears high school, Anna realizes that good reading skills are going to be a necessity when it comes time to tackle those big time subjects like American Literature or Algebra. "I think reading is important because it helps you build your brain!" she says. Anna also enjoys basking in the glow of a good book for entertainment purposes, a personality trait that makes her popular with the librarians. They know that Anna's must read list includes a lot of books in both the history and science genres, her idea of fine literature. Whenever the bell tolls noting the end of another day of the three "R's", Anna never hesitates to join her peers in the stampede through the school house portals as they set out to participate in some extracurricular enjoyment. She keeps her freetime hours filled with drawing pictures and burning up the alleys with her trusty bowling ball. She is also active in the events sponsored by her local Girl Scout troop. As far as her future plans are concerned, Anna has a lot of irons in the fire. She is still debating pursuing careers as an artist, a professional bowler, a writer or a combination of all three. Anna Schmidt is a Marcus kid who hangs her hat at her home over on East Cedar Street. Her parents are Richard and Lorna. She also has seven siblings...Michelle, Paul, Heather, Sara, Tray, Andy and Melissa...and four feline friends.