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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Ross Rambles : Trade is a moral issue
Ross Rambles: Talking English real good (06/17/16)
There are common practices among speakers of the English language that annoy me. I don't got perfect grammar myself, so readers may want to share some complaints about my writing. If so, a reader may print out a complaint in 12-point Montserrat font on heavy stock dull matte finish paper and await further instructions on what to do with it...
Ross Rambles:We don't share being American (06/10/16)
There have always been divisions based on class and race in this country, but for the last several decades, most Americans have shared the goal that all Americans should have access to the American dream. This includes sharing the responsibilities of our society to the extent possible and, although there will never be an even distribution of wealth, all youth should share a reasonably similar level of opportunity to excel in whatever endeavor they choose...
Ross Rambles: A real example of HRC's corruption (06/03/16)
Mainstream media, the Republican Party and a challenger for the Democratic nomination have all failed to focus on the clearest example of the corrupting influence of money on politics, particularly on Hillary Clinton. The scandal involves a massive scheme by UBS, a Swiss bank, to help wealthy Americans evade taxes. The scandal apparently has too much potential for embarrassing prominent figures in both parties for partisan politicians to make use of it...