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Saturday, July 30, 2016
Ross Rambles : Republicans bungle email issue
They both feed on gullibility (07/29/16)
Factions in both the Republican and Democratic parties have been in open revolt against the wage-suppressing agenda of the billionaire class.
Ross Rambles: Primaries fractured both parties (07/22/16)
In past election cycles, primary battles for presidential nominations have been hard fought, but each party was eventually able to get behind its nominee, with little or no residual bitterness from the losing faction toward its own party. The primary fight this year has damaged both the Republican and Democratic brand among members of those parties. ...
Ross Rambles: Worse than useless ad (07/15/16)
There is a frequently-run ad on TV that annoys me the more I see it. At first, I didn't understand why the seemingly innocuous public service ad bothered me. I certainly don't disagree with the conclusion at the end of the ad that, "Violence against women is wrong."...
Ross Rambles: Republicans bungle email issue (07/08/16)
FBI director James Comey, a Republican, described by some as a straight-shooter who stays above partisan politics, has been attacked from both sides following his July 5 press conference. At the press conference, Comey gave a lengthy criticism of Hillary Clinton's handling of classified material while she was U.S. Secretary of State and then stated he would not recommend to the Justice Department that criminal charges be filed against Clinton...
Ross Rambles: Media are in Brexit denial (07/01/16)
The media elites of America and Europe, as well as the political elites from those regions, are in denial about the message delivered by the people of Britain through the vote to leave the European Union. Media pundits have sought out voters who have recanted their support for what has been informally labeled "Brexit" (a contraction of British Exit). The existence of such people is presented as justification of repeating the vote in hopes that the British people have come to their senses...