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Winding Roads: Disturbing news

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

I think the most disturbing news last week for me was about parents neglecting/abusing their children. I can't conceive of parents doing some of the incidents reported to the news media. Whether it involves some form of sex at a tender age or blatant use of drugs, it is despicable. I sometimes think some adults never should have been born or at least castrated. Human beings have sunk to a new low. Children of all ages run about totally unsupervised.

In visiting with an attractive mother of very young adult children, she noted too many parents would rather give their kids money to amuse the kids rather than spend time with the kids themselves. Over time, the younger generation has come to expect to have money for anything they want and "no" isn't in their vocabulary.

As a result there are a number of spoiled kids running around trying to satisfy themselves from an endless drive within.

Some venues to entertain kids are so pricey many folks will never be able to take advantage of them. By the time you pay nearly $20 a seat, buy a few treats to eat and souvenirs to take home, you're looking at $50 for each kid. But there are a number of activities which don't cost a dime.

It would mean so much more in the kid's memory bank to recall doing activities with the family. Whether you're cleaning and sorting a room out in the basement, making something good to eat, going through a photo album, working in the yard, painting and so on, talk with kids and get them involved. Kids will build appreciation when learning what it takes to get something done.

One can go out and build a fort, take a walk, go fishing, play board games, pop some corn and watch a quality movie on the tube. The list can go on and on. What about reading? Sit and read your own favorite book or magazine. Time is the best gift to give your children. let them dust while you sweep or vice versa. Let them help fold clothes or set the table.

Many parents, who struggle on a lean budget, take advantage of family activities to get chores done around the house while family members enjoy each other's companionship. It's a great time to teach life skills to your children.

We would all be better off by teaching respect for one another rather than ignore each other's needs and wants. Even a conversation regarding the word "no" can be very beneficial as opposed to just yelling, "I said no and no means no".

I just dug up an old children's cookbook with drawings showing how to produce the recipe step by step. Our grandsons love to eat and what could be better than they try their hands at producing food for the table and cleaning up afterwards.

Teachers are to be commended for trying to bolster many of these young children's egos. It's a tall order when the home environment is in such disarray.