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Winding Roads: Good time to get things done

Friday, February 11, 2005

Winter is viewed by many as a time to get some indoor projects done. If you have to spend more time indoors, might as well get something accomplished.

Like most wives, there is always a few things you'd like to see done. Some projects require muscle---projects best done by the man of the house. It is ironic how one keeps putting off doing some of those fix-up tasks. One keeps suggesting to the other (days--weeks---months--years on end) to get at it but there is always something else more prominent to do.

All of us have different motivations to get something done. For some it takes much to see the benefits of getting it done while others dig right in.

Some of us work fast and perhaps skimmed over it until we've had enough of it and begin to look for something else to do as an excuse not to complete the task at hand. After all, it looked better than when we started.

I've been hoping to get our basement cleaned out. It is probably my own fault that it became somewhat cluttered as I viewed that area of our home as belonging to the other half. I took no ownership of that area. I assisted in keeping the steps cleaned to the basement but seldom have I went to the basement to toss or sweep.

With the warm weather earlier this month, guess who has been carrying out and burning. It's amazing what one can gather over the years. The problem is saving these objects, thinking you will eventually use it again --- most of them you never do.

I'm a thrower. There have been times that I was sorry I pitched something but still, I prefer it. I have a general rule if after five years you haven't touched it, it's time for it to go.

I like antiques and I want them to be displayed and be attractive or interesting. The other half thinks they are valuable due to age regardless of how ugly they may be. Just because they are old doesn't make them antiques to me. (We are both somewhat wrong but don't tell him.)

Well, we are into our third week of painting the basement. Not me but my better half. There were days when windows could be opened to air it out. Early last week, it was cold and after one day of painting, we called a halt until the thermometer rises. I can hardly wait until the project is done. This time I believe he is on a roll and I will be pleased when it's done.

I told my daughter that it looks so much better and she responded with, "Why didn't you do it before now?"

I don't know. Well, we'd start and not stay at it---just not enough motivation. It is amazing what one can collect over the years.

I keep giving stuff away but some of us Americans just buy stuff to satisfy some psychological need according to the head doctors. I've tried to restrict myself but it doesn't work all of the time. I've passed on dishes and knick-knacks to our kids until they don't need any more as they are having fun acquiring their own. Friends and co-workers have been in my second wave of elimination benefactors.

Anyway, this is to let those of you who have projects yet to be completed, there is hope you will finish it----some year.