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Now and Again: Nine days and counting

Monday, May 16, 2005

A co-worker and I were swapping stories the other morning about how it is when you want to be somewhere at a certain time, mainly getting kids to school and ourselves to work, and the morning routine just slows us down. It was fun to know that we weren't the only parents who go through the morning feeling like we've already put in an eight hour day before we've even arrived.

Why is it when it's a school day and the kids know they have to get up and get moving that something inevitably holds up the show? My co-worker was sharing that just getting her kids out of bed was half her battle while my problem lies in the fact that my kids only get half ready. It never fails that when we get our kids to a certain point in the morning they find something else to do other than complete the task at hand. I call it messin' around.

If it isn't a school day and it is our day off and everyone has the opportunity to sleep in, our kids are up at the crack of dawn and rarin' to go. What is up with that? I know my mom is laughing and thinking "what goes around comes around."

Anyway you finally get to the car and one forgot a jacket or back pack, one has shoes on the wrong feet and the other refuses to buckle up or worse, they fight over who sits where in the car. It isn't that hard, really, their little sister goes in the booster seat in the middle. I haven't quite figured that argument out yet.

In my co-workers case, she has older kids, she gets half way to school and one has forgotten an instrument and the other might forget lunch money. It seems as if it is never ending. Never mind the fact that we are trying to get ready for work ourselves.

I don't think it would be so bad if my kids all went to the same place at the same time. When I used to be a day care provider, I dreaded the summer months because that meant more kids all day long. I would rather take care of eight toddlers and preschoolers instead of three eight year olds. I feel for those providers this summer.

However, I am looking forward to the mornings where the only task for my children will be to simply get up, get dressed, brush their teeth and eat breakfast. No more looking for the tie shoes because the sandals will do. No more hunting up the back packs and making sure the homework was put in them. No more arguing about whether or not they can take the entire toy box to school.

Best of all, they all go to the same place and when my mom gets here for her summer visit they won't even have to do that. My co-worker's kids are old enough to stay home on their own, so the only thing she'll have to do is make sure they have a list of chores for the day. Can I be there yet?

I'm not trying to rush my kids into growing up but I am looking forward to the day when they have just a little more independence. For now I am merely content knowing that I am not the only one who goes through these morning 'routines', day in and day out. Nine days and counting.