Have some fun

Monday, May 16, 2005

At this time of year, soon to be graduating high school students are often lectured by somber adults about the serious responsibilities facing them. The graduates are challenged to take up the torch and make the world a better place.

The challenge seems as great a burden now as at any time in our history - war, terrorism and an uncertain economy, particularly in rural areas.

It is important to keep such challenges in perspective. Despite causes for worry, the world can still be a good place for a young person leaving high school for higher education or a place in the work force.

A new graduate does need to start thinking about adult responsibilities but not to the point of abandoning the more enjoyable aspects of youth. Hopefully, part of what young people learn in families, schools, church groups and other organizations is how to pursue recreation in a safe and healthy manner.

Well rounded adults will not only take work seriously, but will also have interests beyond their careers. To some, it may seem senseless to advise young people to have fun. Having fun comes naturally to young people, but it is an ability that can be lost amid the pressures of adult responsibilities.

Our challenge to members of the class of 2005 is to enjoy your lives.