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Now & Again: Summer sun and fun

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

It's official, school is out and kids all over the community are chomping at the bit to get to the pool. This will be the last year they will see the pool in its present condition. My family, both immediate and extended, are big fans of the availability of a pool in our community. We faithfully purchase family passes and sign up for swimming lessons. It has been a great asset to this community. My husband even remembers taking his swimming lessons at the pool when he was growing up. That's part of why he insists our kids take swimming lessons. I never had any when I was growing up, so I didn't argue his insistence, not that I would have anyway. I did eventually learn to swim by the way.

I have been really disappointed the last couple of years at not being able to use the wading pool for my youngest. She wants to go 'whimmin' with her big brothers so badly and when we get there she doesn't enjoy it as much because the shallow end of the pool is too deep for her. We are looking forward to the zero degree entry and the splash pool.

The other thing that has always disappointed me is the lack of playground equipment for younger siblings to play on while they wait for their brothers and sisters to take their lessons.

I am excited about the development of the Cherokee Family Aquatic Center and Gillette Park project. If the plans are any indication of the quality of the project, it will be the most beautiful swim park I have ever seen. I can say that because in my travels I have seen many. This community can not go wrong with a project like this.

I am proud to be a part a community who stepped up to donate such large amounts of money without hesitation to this worthwhile project. It is long over due and I hope that members of the community will continue to show their support financially or maybe even in the form of donating equipment, labor, and some materials for the project.

Here is my contribution, when I purchase our annual family pass this season I plan to donate an extra $20 to be used for the project. It's not much but it is really all I can do for now. I am challenging all families who utilize the pool to do the same or more if they can afford to. Every little bit helps and it shows your support for a project that you know your family frequently uses and will continue to use years from now. If all of the roughly 6,000 residents in Cherokee donated $20 the total donated would be $120,000. Wouldn't that show tremendous community support? There are blue donations cards with envelopes at the pool and at the Parks and Recreation office which makes it super easy for you to donate.

I would also encourage families and their children to do some fundraising of their own. It is important for them to be a part of a project that the community is putting together to benefit them. It is their chance to say thank you to a community that values families and the availability of activities for families.

Here are some of my ideas.

*Families could donate the money they typically get from pop can returns to the project.
*A family could forgo one dining night out and donate what they would have spent to the project.
*Kids could donate an extra quarter in the donation can each time they purchase candy at the pool concession stand this summer.
*All organizations oriented to children such as scouts, 4-H, youth groups, swim teams and many others could do their own fundraising event to donate proceeds to the pool project.
*Child care providers can also band together and make donations on behalf of the families they serve.
*The library could sponsor a read-a-thon where kids could collect donations for each book they read.

The ideas can be as endless and creative as you let them be. Try to let the kids

come up with their own ideas and help them put them into practice.

Those families that frequently use the pool need to seriously consider donating to

the project even if it is only a small amount, we all know who we are. To make

contributions pick up a donation card or contact the Parks and Recreation Office

at 225-2715 or John Cook at 225-5175.

In the meantime enjoy the summer sun and don't forget the sunscreen.