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Cheap Seats: No excuse for the summer time blues

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wade Volkert, host of Wade's Mud Volleyball Tournament.
I miss the summer time blues.

I look back fondly on the summer days when I was sitting at home with nothing to do, relaxing in the air-conditioned climate and checking out reruns of Scooby Doo.

This summer has been anything but boring. For once I've actually had too much going on.

Thanks to the Cherokee Braves baseball team I got the opportunity to extend the summer sports season at the State Baseball Tournament at lovely Principal Park.

What an exciting event that was, watching the Braves play their butts off in that tough loss to Carroll-Kuemper. Way to go boys, you made us all proud.

The rest of my summer weekends have been filled with golf tournaments, weddings, bachelor parties and family outings. I've enjoyed every event, but now I'm starting to count the days until my college friends, namely my brother Jim, return to school so I can get back to easy living.

I'm really starting to get too old for this.

On one of those weekends this summer I got the unique opportunity to line judge at my friend Wade Volkert's third annual Mud Volleyball Tournament.

If you remember, last summer I took a weekend off to participate in the Big Rock Open outside of Correctionville. The Big Rock was held at the Utesch/Petersen residence where a nine-hole course was delicately cut into the pasture land and hills off the Little Sioux River.

Always looking for new ways to combine sports, a few beers and a group of my friends - Wade's tourney fit the bill this summer.

The tournament was a blast as six teams fought it out for the chance to be named champions for a whole year's worth of bragging rights.

This was my first time watching mud volleyball and I must say it was rather interesting. I had myself a chair at the net and was calling the ins and outs throughout.

Unfortunately, some unruly characters questioned my authority and what I thought would be a clean job turned out to be anything but. Somehow I ended up being just as muddy as the participants.

I didn't worry about that too much though as I made the trek through the woods behind Wade's house to the creek nearby where all the participants were cleaning off the day's mud.

Wade went the extra mile to set up for the event. A flat bed trailer held the scorer's table and brackets while a shower was set up on the other end of the court. The grill was smoking with burgers and hot dogs and numerous picnic tables allowed the "athletes" a spot to rest. There was even an outhouse available.

A horse shoe pit provided entertainment for those not playing and a trampoline kept the kids occupied. Although, a lot of times you would look over that way and it wasn't kids jumping on it.

Everyone had a good time it appeared and no one was too injured when it was all said and done. I'd tell you who won but for some reason it has slipped my mind.

Maybe because they kept throwing mud at me.

Anybody interested in participating in the event next summer should keep their eyes open for fliers at your local bar. Three guys and three girls per team, b.y.o.b. and respect the official's authority at all times.

There really isn't any excuse to have the summertime blues around here, especially when people go the extra mile to have a good time.

You don't have to host your own mud volleyball or pasture golf tournament either. I'm sure there's a whole list of obscure summer events that I haven't drank beer at yet.

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