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Cheap Seats: A Cyclone State Again

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is Drew Tate really showing proper fumble recovery technique here as Jason Berryman covers the fumbled snap for ISU?
(photo by Ben Carstens)
It's official, my phone service has not been disconnected.

Troy just got off the phone with Northwest Communications and our internet is functioning fine.

The post office assures me that I am not missing any of my mail.

I don't know how to explain it. I just can't figure out why I haven't been able to reach people for the last week and a half.

Before Sept. 10th I received numerous calls on my cell phone from my Iowa Hawkeye-fan friends and family. They had no trouble what-so-ever getting through to tell me how super confident in the game's outcome they were before it began.

I received numerous emails from people in response to my column where I predicted ISU and Iowa's seasons. In it I said Iowa State would hand Iowa their first loss.

I was called things like idiot, moron, incompetent, etc... I was told how foolish I was to think Iowa State was going to win and that Iowa was going to "slice and dice" through Iowa State's defense.

People would come right up to me and say things like "If Iowa wins, don't let it ruin your season" and "We have a running game this year." Word to the wise - anyone looks like they have a running game when you're playing a depleted Ball State team.

I even received a nice little email with a picture of Dan McCarney leading a group of circus clowns on to the field. Those clowns seemed to slip into another outfit for Saturday's game - that of the black and gold variety.

I'm assuming they all misplaced my email or mailing address and phone number - otherwise I would have gotten my apologies by now.

I put off writing this column for a week or so because I thought I'd have some good comebacks from those Iowa fans who berated me prior to the game. I thought for sure I'd have some good quotes to use like; "If Tate wasn't hurt we would have won" or "Wait until next year" or "We were over confident" or anything at all.

But I got nothing. Not one futile attempt to explain what happened or an insane justification of why Iowa deserves to be ranked above ISU.

I'm more than a little disappointed.

The only person who had the marbles to say anything about it to me was Struck - "If Tate hadn't gone down Iowa would have scored at least four points."

I'd say six tops.

I was wrong on my predictions when I said that Tate was a legitimate stud at quarterback, for that I apologize. I should have known better than to throw some credit his way. He really let me down (as you can see in my photo) when he totally wimped out on that fumble recovery where the ball was snapped over his head.

I swear he and the running back played a game of Ro-Sham-Bo to decided who was going to pick it up. Tate went rock when he should have gone scissors and by that time Jason Berryman was on it.

Too bad he didn't use the same school of thought on that tackle he attempted. Did he really think he was going to land a stunning blow on an ISU defender? A "Heisman" hopeful should be a little more intelligent than that.

What a great time to be a Cyclone though, even if you Hawks won't call us up and give us our due.

Chin up Hawkeyes - don't let this one loss ruin your entire season.

I haven't been jealous of anybody in a long time, but when I was down on the sidelines taking pictures at the game last weekend it really came over me.

There standing on the bench twirling towels and cheering on Iowa State to victory were two high school athletes I covered last season here at the Chronicle Times - Matt Berg from Aurelia and Justin Gross of Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn.

I was green with envy at the lucky pair with the best seats in the house as they stood there adorned in the nicest threads a man can buy with smiles going from ear to ear.

I tell you what boys, the red and gold looks good on you.

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