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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ross Rambles: Big event is coming

Monday, October 24, 2005

The newspaper is sponsoring a "Who Wants to Run the City of Cherokee" competition on Nov. 8. We invite people to come to the Cherokee Community Center and mark pieces of paper that will decide who will be mayor, at-large city council member and ward 2 city council member.

The Chronicle Times won't actually be conducting the competition. We've made arrangements with the Cherokee County Auditor's Office.

Actually, the Cherokee County Auditor's Office had already decided to do it when we came up with the idea and we weren't actually the first ones to come up the idea and we aren't actually doing anything to sponsor the thing but we do officially endorse it.

What we are sponsoring is a candidate forum on Sunday, Oct. 30, at the Washington High School auditorium from 2 to 4 p.m.

At this time, it appears that all eight candidates for city office in Cherokee will be in attendance. There are three candidates for mayor, three for the at-large seat and two for the ward 2 seat. Paul Struck will moderate.

The candidates will each give introductory remarks, then Paul will ask questions that have been submitted to us from interested citizens. Because of time constraints we have eliminated the talent and bathing suit portions of the forum.

I have interviewed all the candidates for Cherokee city offices and will be running articles in consecutive issues. Frankly, the articles won't be that interesting. I had hoped for some interesting ideas from the candidates such as making city council meetings more entertaining by providing liquid refreshments or making the city of Cherokee one of the world's nuclear powers, but the candidates gave more conventional and cautious statements during interviews.

I apologize to the people of Aurelia, Marcus and Quimby, where there are also contested elections for city offices. There wasn't time to arrange interviews for all 12 of the candidates who are in contested elections and it would be impractical to arrange three more forums.

I had thought about running for city council myself. After all, I have to attend the city council meetings anyway, and I might as well get $40 per meeting. Then I could inform the public how brilliantly I performed my duties and how ignorant those who oppose me are.

What stopped me was the requirement to get 10 signatures on the nomination petition to be on the ballot. I can only think of five people who might sign it and I'd have to first buy a beer for three of those.

We hope that people enjoy the forum. If it works out we might decide to sponsor a state holiday on Dec. 25.