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Struck Strikes Out: There for the asking

Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh-oh. The pertinent questions are building up and it's been quite a long while since the last, "What Gives, Strucker?" column. Here goes...

What gives, Strucker? - In your estimation, which college football conference is the toughest in the nation?

Mighty fine question, What. Especially this year when parity (or would parody be more like it?) is all over the place. Despite increasing parity in the ranks, it appears we may subtlety be reverting back to the days of old when each major conference had just one or two traditional powers and everybody else was an also-ran.

You remember those days - Michigan and Ohio State in Big 10, Oklahoma and Nebraska in Big 8, USC and UCLA in Pac 10, Notre Dame and Penn State Independents, BYU and Air Force in WAC, etc.

Let's see... top teams this year... Southern Carroll, Texas Younghorns, Paterno State, Shulabama, Miami Hurrycanes, LesU, Notre Dame Iweis, Beamer Tech...

Darned if I can tell you for sure, What. But I'll say this...top to bottom, it'd be very hard to beat the Big 10, with nine of its 11 teams tough and explosive and a dangerous threat to beat anybody they play this season.

What gives, Strucker? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't all this Terrell Owens junk just more of the same from another in a long line of immature, spoiled-rotten ego-freaks who are ruining professional sports?

You hit the head right on the nail, What. Think about many of the baddest of bad boys the past several years - Dennis Rodman, Latrelle Sprewell, Ron Artest, Keyshawn Johnson, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant, Michael Irvin, Lawrence Taylor, Kermit Washington, Nate Newton, Muhammad Ali, Terrell Owens, etc.

And what, might I ask, is the one characteristic they all share? Exactly! They're all really tall! I don't know why their respective pro leagues cannot focus in on this psychological and physical phenomenon and end this terrible trend of me-first trouble makers and tale wagging dog in professional sports.

What gives, Strucker? What bowl games will Iowa and Iowa State get invited to?

It's hard to say, What. But I'd sure like to see Iowa meet and beat Nebraska in some bowl game, and Iowa State play and slay Wisconsin in another.

I think these would be two outstanding bowl games that would pack the stands. The Hawks and Huskers would be a great game because of geography and corn country bragging rights, and the Cyclone-Badger game would be awesome because ISU coach Dan MCarney coached with retiring Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez at Iowa and Wisconsin and they remain bosom buddies to this day. As you know, they also coached with Hawk coach Kirk Ferentz at Iowa under legendary and retired coach Hayden Fry.

And I think Nebraska's coach Callahan, McCarney and Alvarez all have several red sweaters between them. It's certainly a small world, right, What?

And that's what gives for today, Strucker!

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