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Telephone upgrade considered

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors is considering going to a T-1 phone line for the county in order to save money. The T-1 line would reduce the number of incoming lines, thus reducing the monthly tax, but would actually carry more calls on a single line, according to Mike Scott of Scott Telephone and Telecom out of Emmetsburg, who appeared at the Tuesday morning meeting.

In order to keep track of what departments are making long distance calls, a two digit code will be entered after the phone number of the outgoing call . This two digit number will identify the department responsible for a call.

Scott said one aspect of the change would be that the person on the other end will not receive a caller ID from any calls placed by the county, Scott said this had created an unexpected problem for one school district.

The district uses volunteers to conduct an annual fund raising drive by phone. Without caller ID, many of the people who regularly contribute to the fund raising drive were not answering their phone, thinking the unidentified call was from a telemarketer.

The supervisors did not think that would be a problem for calls coming from county offices. Calls from the Law Enforcement Center and from the clerk of courts already have blocked caller ID.

The next step in the process will be hearing from a Qwest representative at a later meeting.


Stan Sitzmann, who has been holding an auction and raffle for the last 34 years to provide clothes for needy children, appeared before the supervisors.

Sitzmann said the number of needy children is rather heavy this year and he expects to come up about $1,000 short in having enough. He said it was suggested that he go to the supervisors to request help.

Children helped through the program live throughout the county, from both rural and town homes.

Ron Wetherell, chairman, said that he appreciates what Sitzmann does but does not know whether they can use taxpayers' money for the project.

The matter was not acted upon at the Tuesday meeting.


Larry Clark, county engineer, reported that an old F Avenue bridge cannot hold the weight of farm equipment and could probably be replaced by a culvert.

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