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Now and Again: Twelve Days of Winter

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

As much as love the holiday season it does add more chaos to my house. We have five people in the household and we all have our own snow gear. Although I attempt to have a designated place for the kid's stuff, complete with hooks, the sheer volume of winter clothing and a hurry to get warm delays the hanging of the stuff.

It isn't until I come through the area and remind them to hang up their stuff that my kids get it done. I know I need a better system, but I haven't found it yet. If I try one more thing I think my husband will have a conniption fit.

I admit I add to the chaos with various stages of projects throughout the house. For example, when writing this column, there is scrapbooking going on in the front room along with winter gear and school stuff storage, Cub scout stuff and the computer. The completion of a quilt top in the living room, boxes of holiday decorations in the dining room, dishes to be done in the kitchen, stuff to put away in my room, and laundry in the bathroom and even more snow gear by the back door. That's just on the first floor.

In the basement I have several sewing projects awaiting my attention, more laundry to do, and more stuff to sort through. Don't even get me started on the kid's bedrooms and the attic.

Did I mention my kitchen is in the very beginning stages of remodeling, I have a hole in the ceiling and a hole in the floor where we took the old chimney out. I have virtually no cabinets and use wire and plastic shelving to store various pans, bowls, and food.

I never finished the wood work around the new kitchen window because I know one of these days the kitchen will be gutted and redone - I think - I hope. Maybe someday when we have extra money to spare, oh say, when the kids are grown.

My husband wouldn't believe me if I told him it was all getting to me as much as him. His remark would be "You did it to yourself." He is always wondering when I will get done rearranging and changing things around. Honestly, I can't answer that. My answer is usually, "When I get it the way I want it." What "it" is, I will never know.

With all that said, I felt my own Christmas song coming on and I share it here with readers.

Here is my winter version of the holiday song "Twelve Days of Christmas".

On the twelfth day of winter, mother nature gave to me,

12 chunky snow boots

11 muddy dog prints

10 thousand school papers

9 loads of laundry

8 snowy gloves

7 shorter days

6 inch snowfall

5 goose down coats

4 winter hats

3 backpacks

2 polar scarves

and 1 electric boot dryer

Happy Holidays everyone!