Our Opinion: Cruel wars still rage

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sadly, the wars still rage in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sadly, America continues to receive word on a daily basis of the deaths of courageous soldiers from the two war-ravaged countries.

Sadly, the national and international media slowly, steadily continue to relegate that news - the most tragic news that can ever hit a family - to the newspapers' and magazines' back pages, to the last and abbreviated news bites on that television or radio broadcast.

Sadly, there is no end is site for these two "wars on terrorism" as America and the involved countries roil in turmoil over what is right and wrong here.

Sadly, we all know families, or have ourselves been directly affected, by the death of a young soldier who had his whole life to live and nurture, only to be felled at the hands of a most despicable enemy - one that places no value on human life.

Sadly, today, a former Cherokee family and this entire community recalls the one-year anniversary of the death in Iraq of a son, brother, friend, who gave it all while defending our country and the terrible price of freedom.

Sadly, please read the family's tribute to Cherokean Cpl. Nathan Schubert on Page 16 of today's Chronicle Times.

Sadly, then read all the names of the brave troops still serving today. Then read it all again and look into the eyes of Nate, the proud Marine, and go on from here with a new resolve to do what you can to relieve this troubled world of the evil, hatred and animosity that makes us kill and maim each other.

Sadly, today we too say, We love you, Nate.