Our Opinion: It's not over yet

Monday, February 6, 2006

As progress is made on the Aquatic Center/Gillette Park project, people should not mistake the fact that there is actual work being done with the end of the need for financial support.

In order to avoid added expense of delaying the project, it has been decided to proceed with confidence that the people of the Cherokee area will come through with more support.

Another reason that work is proceeding this year is that the mechanical systems at the old pool have failed and the pool cannot be opened this year without repairs estimated to cost about $200,000.

Delaying construction a year on the Aquatic Center would either mean having the pool closed for two years, or investing a six-figure amount to keep open the pool for one year.

The Gillette Park portion of the project will likely be delayed a year because of the need for more funds but this is an important part of the entire project adding to the net benefit for the community.

Please show your generosity one more time for a major positive development for the community.