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Recyclable categories clarified

Monday, February 13, 2006

Don Pitts, director of the Cherokee County Landfill and Separation Center expresses his appreciation to everyone who has joined in the recycling effort. Due to all the hard work over the last 18 months, the percentage of separated recyclables has grown from about 18 percent to a current rate of about 29 prcent.

There continues to be an effort to raise that percentage.

The following list is printed to further clarify what is recyclable and what is not.


Unbroken glass containers;

Clean, dry newspapers and newspaper inserts;

Junk mail, magazines, computer printouts, white paper, shredded paper, colored paper;

Cereal boxes (with the waxed paper inserts removed), tissue boxes, detergent containers (boxes or plastic), all plastic containers (formerly only #1 & #2),;

Cigarette cartons, shoe boxes, brown paper sacks, white office paper;

Clean pizza boxes, pop cartons, beer cartons, telephone books;

Magazines, catalogs, grocery bags, plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags;

Paper plates (if not wax coated);

Empty aluminum cans, caps, lids, milk jugs, pop and juice plastic bottles,

Other plastic food bottles, shampoo bottles etc.;


Ceramics, pyrex, tableware (includes plastic knives and forks as well as silverware);

Waxed coated cardboard (such as milk and juice cartons), wax coated paper plates;

Waxed paper, waxed coated bags (potato chip bags, candy bags), pet food bags;

Stickers, napkins, tissues, laminated paper, fast food wraps, drink boxes;

Candy bar wrappers, any wet or food stained paper, styrofoam meat trays;

Aluminum foil, foods scraps, light bulbs, mirrors, broken glass;

Styrofoam packing materials, rubber bands, product samples, full cans;

Aerosol cans, cans with paint or other hazardous waste, any plastic containers that contained automotive products or any other hazardous waste;

Metal clothes hangars, wood or wood items, batteries, license plates;

Motor oil, laser/ink printer cartridges, household toxics (paints, oils, solvents, pesticides, cleaners), computers, compact discs;

Eyeglasses, clothing and household goods, yard waste;

There is no need to remove labels or bands from cans and bottles. Clean only enough to prevent odors. Do not recycle containers with traces of hazardous materials.

Do not recycle dirty or food stained paper.

The city is still supplying blue plastic recycling bags at no charge to the public. These are to be used for recyclables only, if used for regular garbage they will not be picked up.

Recyclables do not need to be sorted, but can be put together in the same bag.

If your regular garbage day is Monday, recyclables will be picked up on Thursdays.

If your regular garbage day is Tuesday, recyclables will be picked up on Fridays.

This information will be included in a spring city newsletter, and is available at city hall.

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