Our Opinion: An election is appropriate

Friday, March 24, 2006

We cannot fault the Cherokee City Council for wanting to save money by filling a city council vacancy by appointment but perhaps it is best that the city hold a special election as called for by a petition of citizens.

If the ward 1 vacancy created by the death of William "Bill" Troth had been something less than a year, filling the vacancy by appointment would be more appropriate. However, the term doesn't expire until Dec. 31, 2007. That is a long time for an elected position to be filled by an appointment.

We believe that the council made a wise choice in selecting former council member Doug Woods and we commend Woods for agreeing to step in to fill the vacancy.

We hope that he or someone with the same dedication to the community will run for the office when the special election is held on July 11. That is the earliest date that the election could be held because of time requirements for filing for ballot status and for publication.

The cost of the election has been estimated at something over $1,000. The city-wide election in November cost over $2,000 but the special election will be for only one ward.

The city has been struggling with its budget and $1,000 is not a trivial expense, but it is part of the price of maintaining both the appearance and reality of democratic city government.