Our Opinion:Imaginations tell better stories

Monday, April 24, 2006

There is no doubt in our minds that reading a good book provides much more than knowledge. Reading a book opens your imagination, providing a television in your mind.

Good authors write well enough to allow readers to envision the scenes and the characters. The characters come to life with their personalities and actions, the scenes in our minds become more vivid and imaginative than any movie or television show could ever provide.

Unlike television or movies, books allow us to have our own interpretations of the stories. How often have you heard, "the book was better than the movie."? Of course the book is always better. A book has time to unfold the scene, expose the characters, and reveal the plot.

A movie only has around two hours to tell a story, much of the story gets cut, and often leaves nothing for our imaginations to work on.

Reading is as important to adults as it is for children. Watching children learn to read and then progress into reading on their own is a joy. It is nothing less than magic when children share their interpretation of a story they read. You know it is a good book when children even share their interpretation of the characters' personalities.

For an adult it is no different. A good book takes us away to a place other than where we are now. It becomes a means of relaxing and a way to travel to exotic places with characters who come to life. A book allows us to return to those places over and over again should we choose.

Reading is also inexpensive and a book will never scratch, skip, or break like a movie or DVD will. Walk into any library and you will have endless avenues of adventures laid out on row upon row of shelves. Books will take your imagination to anyplace you want to go at anytime you want to go. Let your imagination be your television.