Our Opinion: Worth being concerned about

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Iowa Department of Transportation recently announced that unused railroad spur that crosses Highway 59 and Highway 3 in Cherokee will be removed.

The news was taken matter-of-factly by many who heard it, after all, it was a decision by a state department beyond the authority of local officials. And if it isn't being used, it's simply a nuisance.

Larry Clark, the Cherokee County engineer, did not take this short-sighted view of the situation. He expressed his concerns to the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors this week.

Although the spur is not currently being used, it reaches an industrial area that has potential for further development. Once the spur is gone, it will be gone forever, barring a multi-million dollar project to replace it. The spur could very well be a deciding factor in some future development project.

Clark is right. We should try to preserve this asset.

The matter will again be on the agenda of the supervisors on Tuesday.