Our Opinion: Why another lake?

Monday, May 1, 2006

We don't usually pay attention to anonymous emails, simply discarding them as the product of people without the courage that merits being taken seriously.

However, a recent email to the Chronicle Times raised questions that we found of interest. The questions asked were:

"Isn't Spring Lake a lake and isn't it in Cherokee County? What in the world is the thinking behind this initiative to 'build a lake in Cherokee County'?"

This brings up the questions: isn't Spring Lake Park a park and isn't it in Cherokee County, so why do we need other parks in the county? Since there is camping in Spring Lake Park why do we need camping anywhere else in the county? Why do we need playground equipment anywhere else since there is already playground equipment at Spring Lake Park?

We hope that people understand these questions are facetious. There obviously needs to be more than one location for recreation in the county.

Actually, Spring Lake is more of a large pond than a lake. The same is true of Larson Lake. They have no water skiing, swimming and there are no housing developments on those lakes.

We don't know whether making a large lake will ever be practical in Cherokee County but the existence of Spring Lake has little to do with a decision on the matter.

In the future, the question might be asked - Since there is already a family living in Cherokee County, why do we need any more than that?