Our Opinion: Pet deals

Monday, May 8, 2006

Rounding up animals for scientific research has become a big business for some suppliers. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous dealers get their animals by driving through your neighborhood and snatching your pet cat or dog. In many cases, records are falsified to make it appear the animals came from licensed breeders.

This ugly side of procuring animals for research was documented in an HBO film that included the work of a group called Last Chance for Animals.

The film also is being used to help persuade federal legislators to adopt the Pet Safety and Protection Act, which would prohibit animal dealers from selling "random source" animals to research facilities.

Only animals from properly licensed breeders could be used for research if the bill passes.

For millions of Americans, their pets are as much members of the family as their owners. The notion that shady operators would steal animals for a quick profit is unacceptable to supporters of the proposed bill.

Let's hope the bill gets swift passage in Washington.