Our Opinion: Time for a change

Monday, May 15, 2006

The spring open burning season is over in Cherokee and it will be a few months before the fall open burning season, if there is one.

City council members are thinking about ending the practice. Many, if not most, communities the size of Cherokee or larger do not allow the burning of leaves and sticks.

Some people have strong physical reactions to smoke in the air. This situation is compounded by the inconsiderate practice of burning damp leaves and green wood.

There is already an alternative available in Cherokee to the burning of yard waste. There are regular pickups of the yard wastes by Sanitary Services and yard waste taken to the landfill can be disposed of for free.

Burning might be slightly more convenient than alternatives but mostly it's simply a matter of getting into the appropriate habit.

There is something satisfying at a primeval level about creating fire. However, when people's health is affected, that outweighs other trivial considerations.

Open burning of yard waste should be banned in Cherokee.