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Now & Again: Oh the summer days

Friday, June 16, 2006

Here we are one summer without our beloved pool. What ever will our kids do to stay out of trouble until the new and improved pool opens next year? So far I have come across a number of things for kids to do.

Area churches are holding their annual vacation bible schools, mine are enjoying one this week. So far so good.

Some middle school boys recently found their way to the ball fields with friends to play a good old game of ball for fun. Others, mainly boys, are making their way to Spring Lake Park to try their hand at fishing.

Although Cub Scouts don't meet in the summer months we are attending a day camp this weekend, an overnight camp at the end of the month, another in July, and our committee is planning a weekend camp close to home for August.

The Boy Scout Troop does meet year round and they are planning their big week long camping trip for this summer as well has holding their regular meetings.

Kids in 4-H are busy getting ready for the Cherokee County Fair. Putting together projects, taking care of animals and planning displays for the annual event.

The Cherokee library is a great place for kids to be and stay out trouble. They will be starting their summer reading program pretty soon, this summer should prove to have record numbers of participants since there is no place to take their attention away from it.

The American Theater along with Cherokee Parks and Recreation Dept. is also offering a summer special from July 11 to Aug. 8. showing movies more than appropriate for children. Movies are popular with most children and most of the kids I know really like our made over theater. The added bonus is that the managers and staff at the theater know many of the kids in town making it another safe place to go.

If your kids are out biking, skating, scootering, or any other wheeled activity, which is great exercise, make sure they wear a helmet. I am guilty of not enforcing this on my children, because, after all, we never used them when we were growing up.

However, my mind has recently changed when a school mate and fellow scout of my son's recently had an accident involving his scooter, a steep driveway, and a passing vehicle at just the right moment. The accident was no one's fault but his head injuries were very serious. So far he is responding appropriately after having surgery. Hang in there big guy!

Let's see what else? Oooh, here's an idea. Have a neighborhood picnic for the kids in your neighborhood. Have your kids make up invitations (something to do), plan out the meal, date, and time, (something to do), make up some games (something to do), invite the neighborhood kids and have some fun with their friends or getting to know new friends (all something to do).

If it's not all about fun and games then keep the kids busy with chores to help promote responsibility as a member of the family. What I don't recommend while we have bright sunny days is hours in front of the television, or playing video games and computers. If they are going to sit around they should be reading and keeping their mind active in imagination not numbing with repetitive computer games.

That's all I can think of for now and I have a deadline I have already passed. Keep your kids active and safe this summer.