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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors, at the Tuesday meeting, canvassed the results of the June 6 primary election, confirming the unofficial results announced previously.

The only adjustments made from the unofficial results were the addition of one vote for some Democratic candidates and one or two votes for some Republican candidates due to provisional ballots. These are hand counted ballots that have some irregularities preventing a computer count.

There were only seven precincts for this election, a reduction from previous elections, a cost saving move by the county. Bonnie Ebel, county auditor, noted that there were a few complaints from people who had to travel further to vote.

The precincts include Aurelia, Marcus, Quimby, Cherokee (rural), Cherokee Ward 1, Cherokee Ward 2, Cherokee Ward 3.

The only contested local primary election occurred in the Republican primary for county supervisor in district 4. (The person seeking the seat must live in the district represented but is elected by voters throughout the county).

Mark Leeds, a supervisor at R.J. Thomas Mfg., won that race over Mark Cozine, an attorney, by a vote of 295 of 266. The breakdown of these votes (not counting the one provisional ballot cast in this race) was

Aurelia: Leeds - 40, Cozine - 34

Marcus: Leeds - 53, Cozine - 31

Quimby: Leeds - 33, Cozine - 33

Cherokee (rural): Leeds - 30, Cozine - 32

Cherokee Ward 1: Leeds - 47, Cozine - 60

Cherokee Ward 2: Leeds - 32. Cozine - 30

Cherokee Ward 3: Leeds - 32, Cozine - 26

Absentee: Leeds - 27, Cozine - 20

In general, voters in Cherokee County mirrored voters across the state in top picks in statewide elections for state and federal officeholders. An exception was in the Republican primary election for secretary of agriculture. By a more than two to one margin, Cherokee County Republicans preferred Mark Leonard of Holstein over the winner of the race, Bill Northey.

There were 928 people who voted in the county. Of the 2,138 registered Democrats, 356 (16.7 percent) voted in the primary. Of the 3,574 registered Republicans, 572 (16.0 percent) voted in the primary.

There are 8,884 registered voters in the county, including independents who are not eligible to participate in a primary election.

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