Our Opinion: Don't override veto

Monday, July 17, 2006

The legislature is considering overriding a veto of a bill that would limit eminent domain.

Certainly, there needs to be limits on eminent domain, as we have stated in this space before. The idea of condemnation of property for a shopping mall or for any other retail business development goes beyond what authority a government should have.

However, such development as a lake is within the legitimate scope of government as long as a significant portion of the lake has public access, or the lake serves to reduce the danger of flooding or the lake serves as a water reservoir or some combination of these.

When a project such as a lake, a park or a biking trail is being planned imminent domain may be the only way to move the project forward, allowing the government to override individual objections for the greater common good.

Gov. Tom Vilsack did the right thing in vetoing the bill. We hope it is sustained.