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Winding Roads: Getting it under control

Monday, July 17, 2006

For the last month I have discovered that I can control my emotions if I keep the bigger picture in my mind. The reason I'm getting into this is that I have learned I'm not alone in trying to overcome a very bad habit.

Too many of us want to be in control and try to get things done in the manner we think is best. When things don't go our way, our blood pressure rises as our anger overflows through foul-ups. It doesn't matter whether it's trying to get the lawn mowed and the mower rebels, my plan for the day is fouled. I would fume away wondering what shall I do now as the lawn should be mowed. The old heart starts beating faster.

When I'm baking up a storm, trying to do too much in a period of time when other matters are on my mind, what comes out of the oven isn't as great as anticipated. There were times when I made plans for the weekend and things didn't jibe with others and I became disappointed. Being mad didn't change things but only made them worse.

I have also found that the older I get, the easier my temper could fly, thinking my way is the way. Or I just developed this bad habit. of having to have my way.

Many times when we say our day becomes a disaster, more times than not, it is the small things that get our goat. I can fly off the handle and then wish I had my mouth taped shut. In short, the situation goes from bad to worse. More times than not, it is those people you are closer to who get the brunt of your pain.

If I could do one thing to improve my health, it is to concentrate on not letting my anger and disgust get away from me. So how am I doing?

Pretty good. I try to ask myself if I could have prevented the result and if the answer is no, I'm good. For example the lawn mower would have acted up regardless of who was using it, so I go get something else done and develop a new plan for the day. If the cake falls, I think I probably shouldn't be eating it anyway and I save myself from consuming the sugar I shouldn't eat. If someone can't go with me like I hoped, I ask someone else.

My point is that there truly are some things you can't change and why get all riled up? I feel so much better when I cool my jets rather than concentrate on how I wish it was.

Until I had my heart problem, I really didn't understand how anger really is a detriment to my health. When you're young you think you are going to live a very long time. As we age, our bodies change and the abuse we inflict upon them over the years will take its toll.

The big plus to all of this is that I really enjoy each day much more than ever before. Mellowing out helps with every aspect of my life and I try to find a more humorous side to the situation. In short, I'm happier with myself and probably much easier to be around. I don't demand perfection of myself anymore and that freedom is enjoyable.

We all make mistakes. Perfection is impossible to achieve so I try to do my best and let it go. Oh yes, walk, pedal a bike, pull weeds or anything that burns energy and you'll feel great in a very short time. Your health will also improve giving you extended time to enjoy life and all that it offers.