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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads: Where's the service?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Several weeks ago, a lady had written a letter expressing her dismay at the lack of service for repairing an appliance. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, she thought all of Cherokee did not have a decent repair man in residence to fill the bill.

There were some discussions about that letter, wondering if she got a bit carried away with her conclusion. Now I'm not so sure.

To make this a fair accusation here I need all of you to realize I was brought up to work hard at whatever task I was taking on and especially so when I was to be paid for my service. I just don't let things hang (unless with my old age it escapes my mind).

To continue, I expect others to do the task they accept and do it correctly and do it in a short period of time unless they share up front that they are running behind serving folks.

With that said, I'm going to add my voice about the lack of service in the area. I don't like someone hovering over me as I do my work.

It is very disconcerting. I expect folks to do their work whether I'm around or not and do it right. To me, that is showing respect to the person you hire. You may ask questions periodically but then give them space to get the job done.

Last week we found that our washing machine leaked a small amount of oil after having moved it from the farm into town. After asking about getting it repaired, we were told if we took it to the repair shop, it would get done faster. It was taken there early Monday morning. No word so hubby called Wednesday afternoon. No one knew anything and they hadn't looked at it. But gosh, if we had called, they were in our town Tuesday and it would have been looked at then.

Maybe you wouldn't get irritated with that, but we did. Thursday morning we made two more calls. They said they'd look at it that afternoon.

Three more calls from our cell phone. The first two netted the response he didn't know anything but a message was left on our home answering machine. Could he tell us what that was about? Nope!

When we got home, after listening to the message, we called back to say what route for them to take. Perhaps in another week, we may have the machine back.

To say I was irritated is an understatement. I would have loved to be super woman and picked the guy up and stuff him in the machine and let him go a few cycles in the washer. (Please no butality charges here.)

Someone else mentioned that from now on, count on just any appliance lasting 5-6 years and think of them as a disposal item. Pitch them out and buy new. Save yourself some grief. A nice simple washer without too may gizmos and you'll have less to go wrong with it.

I was in a major store in Sioux City on Wednesday looking for a replacement hook to hang a valence. Thought if I couldn't find the hook, I'd buy the whole thing.

I waited 10 minutes checking out what they had. No clerk. Went to the desk with a gal on the phone and quietly asked her where I could find a clerk. She pointed to where I had been. I went back for another five plus minutes and still no clerk. Went back to where the girl was, she had just jumped out of her chair grabbing her purse to leave, when I asked if she could call for a clerk.

She did but no clerk. After another five minutes, I thought I heard footsteps, no another customer. I calmly told her good luck in finding a clerk, I had been there at least 20 minutes without one in sight.

Passing through another section of the store, I overheard one clerk ask another to watch her area while she went on a break. Truth be told, too much store, not enough customers to support all of the help. To say my day wasn't going the best is putting it mildly.

I will say we were quite pleased with a tree service we hired. He came when he said he would, did the job as he promised and picked up everything. He must believe in providing good service. It was our bright spot of the week.

In another store, I made a brief complaint and then quickly added it wasn't her fault. She replied, "I don't care, I just take the money."

In a restaurant, we made another observation on the food and the waitress could have cared less. In short, employees aren't trying to please customers. They are there physically to draw a pay check. They don't get it that the business they work for relies on them to provide service.

I wouldn't feel so frustrated if people truly earned their money and fulfilled their responsiblities. These ad agencies created a monster, a repair man that is non-existant. No wonder many feel Americans are wasteful.

Parents, talk your sons or daughters into becoming repair people. There just aren't enough.