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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Winding Roads: Low gas prices and politicians

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Have you noticed how happy everyone seems when they fill their vehicle tanks? They hardly look at the gas meter and I assumed it's because they know it will be about $10 less than when fuel was at its glorious high. Now one can purchase gas at a mere $2 a gallon. (Well, not in Cherokee---one never can purchase gas at a low price at any time period in Cherokee. Others have tried to shame filling station owners but they prevail at keeping it at the high end.)

It is something what fuel companies have managed to do when it comes to our perspective on fuel prices. Who would have guessed that we'd ever say $2 is a great price for fuel?

More than one reason has been given for the drop these prices have taken in the last four weeks. Personally, I think it is tied to mid-term elections and around Dec. 1 we will see it start to rebound. For those who can purchase extra fuel for their needs, I'd be for buying all I can. Winter weather and who knows what else will provide the excuse for escalating prices.

The election propaganda is really taken off and I am truly very annoyed at hearing some of the themes of our governor's campaign. There are so many other issues that need to be addressed and not much is thrown out to the public to make a decision. Polished ad companies are controlling the image of each candidate by running down the other candidate rather than focus in on their man. I guess the day of honest campaigning is long gone. Election results will be determined by smooth ad people who have a great way with words and implications. The truth is that too many people don't know either candidate very well.

People in general are too stressed out living their daily lives to get the full story. TV 30 second sound bytes control most people's thinking. I don't know is all newspapers do their job of educating folks about each of these races. Small town papers do not have the wherewithal.

I attended a local fund-raiser recently and the crowd was not quite what they had hoped for. The event was very well planned so it was appealing for those who were there in every sense of the word. People say they want change but when it comes to putting forth some effort to get those changes, they back off and become complacent. I guess they would just rather gripe. Griping doesn't take much gray matter.

This coming Tuesday, tomorrow, Oct. 3, the MMC School District has an opportunity to vote their opinion about updating and providing some much needed facilities. Rather than complain after the election is over, they need to get out and vote their mind. I'm hoping for approval as building material costs will never drop and the space is truly needed.

We speak about valuing our freedoms and supporting the troops and yet, so many can't take the time to go to the voting booth. When there is so much turmoil around the world, it would be nice to have this nation's voting habits set an exemplary role model for folks to see how much we truly value our freedom.