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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads: Get in step

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I would hope by now that seniors would recognize the value of congregate meals. I understand that some folks like preparing their own meals as it is another way to stay active. The problem for some is that when they live alone, they just don't like preparing more food than they can eat in a day or two.

There are some answers for this dilemma such as freezing casseroles in smaller portions or sharing it with a neighbor. There are also sources for recipes "cooking for two" which translates into smaller meals which will not fill the fridge forever.

Yet, there are some folks who don't like to cook plus the sociability of getting out and talking to others is the big plus. Talking with others is really a healthy habit for folks as their appetites are much better as they consume nutritious meals.

I can't understand why more folks aren't attending these meals-especially in smaller towns. They don't need to think people will look at them in a different light. Participants pay a nominal fee. It is really in everyone's best interests.

Some seniors don't have family members living close to look after them, and we all grow old sooner or later, congregate meals need to be encouraged. I can't believe that some seniors don't want those meals and yet, they go out to eating establishments to dine together.

Meals on Wheels is another program which serves a vital role to many. I do think there are some folks who have meals delivered who should be going to a center to eat them. The Meals on Wheels program was started to provide nutritious meals for those who can't get out. Now, some perfectly healthy seniors are taking advantage of the program by having meals delivered to their own homes to eat in privacy before going out to other places. Shame on them.

Another issue that is driving me bonkers is the turtle pace that the Marcus Council is having at getting a building done away with on the north end of Main Street in Marcus. It is a hazard that should have been eliminated before now. I would hope no individual will prowl around in it which would result in serious injury and a lawsuit to the town. Our society is "lawsuit" prone.

Furthermore, it makes that end of the street look awful. That building has a lot of history but it is no longer redeemable. A vacant lot would look much better and be much safer.

I understand the town is having difficulty in getting clear title to do away with it but it seems that common sense should prevail and some action taken.

Also a restaurant in Marcus needs to be removed so progress can be made on the local community center. Asbestos removal will not be getting cheaper so that needs to be met head on so the community center can serve senior and handicap individuals. It will save Marcus money when the community center can serve seniors as well as be convenient for those who need a handicap entrance.

The Marcus council has done well to clean up the town as well as promote it. But, they can't do everything and others who can aid their efforts should step up to the plate and do their part. It's only by working together, many things can get done.

Now that the bond issue passed to make some needed improvements, it would be well advised that these two issues are also dealt with. Hopefully others will make their feelings known and urge some action rather than play the game of see no evil.