River Valley Board mulls bus barn project

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CORRECTIONVILLE - The River Valley School Board met in its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening, and approved the hiring of M -Plus, an architectural firm from Sioux City, to work on the proposed new bus barn.

Three sites have been proposed for the structure in Washta and Correctionville, but the final site has not yet been determined. If the Correctionville school site is determined to be the site, the Board instructed Superintendent Julie DeStigter to reply to a letter from the Correctionville City Council concerning the buses driving across the city swimming pool lot. The Board members agreed to the school providing rock for the parking lot and doing any necessary grading.

In other business, DeStigter noted that this year's Certified Enrollment Count for K-12 was 468.5 students, a decline of 30.3 students from last year. DeStigter said she believes that this is the largest single year enrollment drop in five or six years. DeStigter also presented the need for a new scoreboard at the football field, The current one is more than 40 years old, the timing mechanism is malfunctioning, and replacement parts are not available. DeStigter will report her findings on scoreboard costs at the next Board meeting.

The city of Cushing has offered the use of its gymnasium at no charge for junior high basketball practices. DeStigter and the Board were pleased at this offer, as it will allow the boys and girls teams to rotate practice sites between Washta and Cushing.

In other news, Deb Bagenstos has received a $200 check from the Correctionville Town and Country Club for the Middle School.

The River Valley faculty has approved the awarding of recognition for senior students who complete 40 hours of community service in one school year. The Class of 2007 needs to complete 40 hours, the Class of 2008 80 hours, Class of 2009 120 hours, and the Class of 2010 (and future classes) 160 hours over their four years of high school. Those who meet this criteria will have a silver cord on their commencement gowns, and it will also be noted on the student's transcript.

Board member Kirk Utesch was assigned as the school representative to the Woodbury County Conference.

The school attorney has recommended that the school no longer lend its portable bleachers because of liability issues, so the Board reluctantly decided to follow the attorney's recommendation. The Grand Meadow Heritage Days have borrowed the bleachers for many years, but this practice will cease immediately.

The Board reviewed several policies, as well as the new Northwest AEA plan for the school.

The Board and Superintendent were invited this week to a Special School Board Committee Meeting, along with several area schools - Westwood of Sloan, Charter Oak-Ute, West Monona, Woodbury Central, Battle Creek-Ida Grove, and Schleswig.

Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto , the host school, stressed that the topics of sharing or merging were not on the agenda. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a variety of educational matters, and share "things that have worked" to benefit students in their schools. The schools invited are the schools which border on the Maple Valley and Anthon-Oto districts.

DeStigter and four Board members attended the meeting, which was held at the Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto High School Commons in Mapleton on Wednesday.

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