Should teachers be armed?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No guns in classrooms.

When lives are shattered by tragedy of school shootings, it is a sure bet that ways to prevent future deaths and injuries will be sought and implemented. In recent years, school safety has been a top priority at school districts across America.

In addition to installing security measures in our nation's schools, another equally important emphasis has been placed on identifying troubled students who might be likely to show up with a gun.

But just as no nation can ever be completely safe from the acts of terrorists, no school can ever be completely safeguarded from the terror of depraved shooters, young or old.

And having teachers armed with guns wouldn't make schools safer.

A few years ago when airline safety was receiving considerable national attention, people thought that it made sense to arm pilots who have been trained to carry weapons. The airline industry did, in fact, train some pilots. And armed federal marshals were assigned to flights after the events of 9-11. Airlines also installed bulletproof doors leading to airplane cockpits, making it more difficult for hijackers to get access to pilots and controls.

It appears that too many school buildings are far too accessible to outsiders who may or may not have a legitimate reason for being on school property. Making entrances to school buildings more secure is a step in the right direction. Arming teachers is not.