A timely reminder

Monday, October 30, 2006

For some of us, it is far too early to start thinking about Christmas, but for others, we are already well into the Christmas shopping season.

So we ask that people consider making whatever Christmas season purchases they can to do so locally.

We know that Cherokee area stores do not have as large of a selection of products as metropolitan stores. We also know that some people enjoy an outing to a larger city.

We only ask that people ask themselves during a shopping trip out of town, "Can I find that same product at home?" If the answer is yes, then the purchase should be put off until the person gets home.

Local retailers provide employment to local people. Local retailers pay property tax that help support communities, schools and county government.

Also, in almost every part of Iowa, there are two cents of local option sales tax in place. One cent is divided among the towns in the county and the county government and one cent is divided among the school districts in the county.

Why not support towns and schools where you live rather than supporting towns and counties where you don't live.

Every purchase made locally rather than out of the area represents a decision to support the local economy.