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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ross Rambles: A cutting edge kind of guy

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I recently spent a few days in Iowa City where my father had major surgery. Siblings, nephews, nieces and assorted relatives came together from various parts of the country. By the way, the surgery went well and my father is recovering.

I stayed at a motel, which gave me an opportunity to stock up on little bars of soap and tiny bottles of shampoo. It had been a couple of years since I had stayed at a motel. No matter how careful a person is, it is difficult to make those little bars of soap last when you use them every Saturday night.

I was lectured by relatives on the fact that I'm difficult to get in touch with at home. My telephone is a primitive device that can only be used when connected to an outlet in my wall at home. It does not take messages, give messages, identify a caller or puree fruit into refreshing and healthy beverages.

I'm the only person among my relatives above the age of 10 who does not own a cell phone and my family is no different from others. At any given time, in any waiting room at the University Hospital in Iowa City, about a fourth of the people will be talking on a cell phone. Some others will be sending emails on their laptop computers and a few multi-taskers do both simultaneously.

My relatives found my technological backwardness odd. I haven't always been resistant to using new devices. I was the first person I know to have a four-color ink pen and I was the only person I know to ever have a Wonder Pluck adjustable hair plucker with an attachment enabling me to pluck hair in those hard to reach areas.

So, I've never been afraid to try the cutting edge in modern gadgetry but it seems that a communications revolution has arrived without my being involved.

My brother offered to let me use his broken cell phone. It didn't work but I could hold it up to my ear and have make believe conversations so I could fit in at family gatherings. I was even able to impress everybody with my multi-tasking ability by using my Wonder Pluck device during imaginary cell phone conversations.