Our new addresses

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Because of a change in service, we have changed the email addresses for the Chronicle Times. We have been running an ad periodically that directs people to the right address for the right type of email but there will naturally be some confusion.

We have actually had new email addresses for over a month but emails to the old addresses have been forwarded until last week. They will no longer be forwarded.

In general, emailing information to any of the addresses at the office will get the information to where it needs to go. It will be forwarded to the appropriate person. However, for time sensitive information, it may be best to send the email directly to its ultimate destination.

For emails to Paul Struck, the address is pauls@ctimes.biz. Emails to Troy Valentine should be sent to troyv@ctimes.biz. Advertisements, including legal notices, or anything specifically for Rhonda Fassler or Chris Reed, should be emailed to ads@ctimes.biz. Sports information or anything for Dan Whitney should be emailed to sports@ctimes.biz. Information about obituaries, weddings, anniversaries, births, college honors, social calendar, troop list or anything for Mike Leckband should be emailed to news@ctimes.biz. General news press releases, letters to the editor or anything for Ken Ross should be emailed to editor@ctimes.biz.

Information and photos provided through email are convenient and welcome. We hope to avoid confusion for those wishing to communicate with us in this fashion.