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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads: Time to make a choice

Thursday, November 2, 2006

It is getting down to the wire for me and about a trillion other folks who don't know who they will be voting for come Nov. 7. I can start the season with an open mind and as I read and hear reports in addition to their many fine advertisements, I make choices.

Somewhere along the way, I begin to change my mind about some of these choices. In fact, there have been a few times I can vacillate more than once. Politicians may be right in using these 15 - 30 second TV ads as they do have an impact. Upon hearing them for the first time, you probably will react the way they hope you will but upon hearing the same ad umpteen times, your mind may wake up. Your mind may get in gear and when you think things through, you may certainly change your opinion of what the ad is truly saying.

Very recently, I also have been listening to ads sponsored by an independent candidate for Congress. I think I like the idea of an independent congressman but in reality, since we seem to run our government based on the two primary parties, what is an independent going to attain with both parties frowning at him? They are certainly regarded as "spoilster". It's like throwing your vote away. There needs to be more such candidates in any given election to make a choice and yet to do that, independents would have to unite in setting their goals and I just don't know if they would or could do that. We would probably end up having a party that begins in earnest and eventually goes down the path that the two major parties are presently doing.

I will be voting for Steve King. I have had my doubts about him when he began his first tenure in D.C. but he has certainly proven to be an independent thinker when he needs to be. I have respect for him and I hope the majority of you will agree.

When it gets down to the governor's race, it gets to be a little more difficult for me. I have a problem when one thinks that because Nussle came from a political stronghold, he has the knowledge and determination to run our state. On the other hand, I think a couple of the ads put out by the Republican Party stink. To think Culver will rob definite funds and raise taxes in one big swoop is exaggerating, yet the ad with Nussle running away is equally as nutty. I will vote for Nussle as I think of him as being smarter and more caring than portrayed. I also like his running mate as a man of high integrity.

That's my call and whether you agree or not, get out and vote. We owe it to those who give all they can in serving our country.