Relief is coming

Monday, November 6, 2006

As we near the 2006 general election, we can only feel a sense of relief that the campaign season is concluding.

The season has been marked by particularly acrimonious attacks on opponents by candidates from both political parties.

And even when campaigns are not particularly negative, citizens can suffer from sensory overload at the conclusion of the campaigns.

As of this writing on Thursday, we do not have any political letters to the editors from any citizens in our coverage area. We have received endorsement letters to the editor that are part of mass mailings from out of our coverage area, which we do not print as a matter of policy.

This close to the election, we will no longer print endorsement letters to the editor even if we receive some from local citizens in time for the Friday or Monday Chronicle Times. Even paid advertising will not be accepted for the Monday edition prior to the election.

We suggest that citizens take some time to step back from all the accusations and all the vague promises to make unemotional assessments before voting on Tuesday.