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Friday, May 6, 2016

Basic Biittner: Put your money on ...

Monday, November 6, 2006

Well, another baseball season has come and gone, and the Junior Circuit was nice and let the Senior Circuit win one this year. I'm sure that Dick Point, Jerry Namanny, Jim Mohn, and all the other local Redbird fans are beside themselves with joy, after Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen, David "Mighty Mite" Eckstein, and relief pitcher Loudon Wainwright IV (?) totally demolished the Detroit Pussycats in five games. Then rubbed it in the next day when St. Louis was named the Most Dangerous City in the United States. Number two? You guessed it - Detroit. I guess the citizens of Motown will be marching around all year shouting "We're number two!" Or maybe not.

I see that the oddsmakers in "Sin City", aka Las Vegas, have already set the odds for the major league teams in the 2007 season. No wasted time there, boy.

I am not a betting man, but for those who like to wager, especially on longshots, I present here two different theories of mine on who to pick as the 2007 Major League Baseball champion. Keep in mind that MLB has crowned seven different champions in the past seven seasons, and many of those champions were longshots - including one (Angels) who had never won before, and two (Red Sox, White Sox) who had not won for several decades. I guess what I'm saying is - my suggestions, based on two very shaky theories,are probably as good a guess as anyone else's.

Could "Bad Luck Buck" actually be a Good Luck Omen?
Without any further ado, then, I present Biittner's Theories on picking the 2007 MLB champion.

The first theory is "The cap theory." I don't wear caps very often, but I do own a few caps- some of them the caps of MLB teams. My Yankee cap, of course, is out of allegiance to my long-time favorite team. The others are just caps that I like. The three MLB caps that I own besides the Yankees are : 1. the Red Sox; 2. the White Sox; and 3. The Cardinals. The last three World Champions, as it turns out. I purchased each of the three caps many years ago, so it wasn't a case of buying them during or after the World Series won by those teams.

The "Cap Theory" then says that the New York Yankees will win again in 2007. That's not the longshot- Vegas has picked them, too, apparently on the assumption that the Yankees will buy or trade for any additional help they need for the upcoming season.

The second theory, the longshot, is "The Buck Showalter Theory." Showalter was the manager of the Yankees in the early 90's, but was let go after the 1995 season because the team didn't go to or win the World Series. The very next season, the Yankees, under new manager Joe Torre, won the first of four consecutive World Championships. Showalter, considered one of the bright young up-and-comers, was hired by the expansion Arizona Diamondbacks. He was let go from that job after the 2000 season. Guess who won the World Series in 2001? That's right - the D'backs.

"Bad Luck Buck" landed on his feet again, though. This time, the Texas Rangers signed him on, hoping that he (and Alex Rodriguez) would bring a champion to Arlington. Didn't happen. The Rangers fired Showalter after this season.

Therefore, the "Buck Showalter Theory" says that the Texas Rangers should be your pick for the 2007 World Series champion. I have no idea what odds the boys in Vegas have set for Texas, but I'm sure they are a long shot.

Take it to the bank.

Dan Whitney
Basic Biittner