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Times gone by

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thank you, Pat!

Editor's note: The Chronicle Times salutes former "Days Gone By" contributor Pat Ellerbroek for her many years of faithful, outstanding service to the Chronicle Times.

Pat, who's battling illness, has retired from her duties and well-received work that was always a hit with our readers. Her caring labors and attention to detail will forever be appreciated by the Chronicle Times staff.

After a short hiatus, we are re-introducing the "Days Gone By" page. It will be maintained weekly by CT staffer Mike Leckband and will be called "Times Gone By."

Thanks again to Pat for the many years of providing us with the colorful history and coveted memories of days gone by in Cherokee County.

100 Years Ago

Betrayer of Blanch Whitmore jailed at Mitchell

Mitchell, S.D. Nov. 12.-Special: "Ten days ago Mrs. H. H. Morris, who lived on the south side of the city and conducted a boarding house for students, was severely burned by the explosion of some kerosene which she threw into a hard coal heating stove to revive a dying fire.

Her husband was a brakeman on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul road and working on the west end of the road. At the time his wife was burned he was out west and it was several days before he could be found and word sent him of the catastrophe. The girl's mother, who lives at Onawa, Ia, was sent for and day or two after her arrival it was evident there was something wrong between Morris and his wife and nothing could be ascertained from either on until a few day ago when the physicians announced that the girl could not live.

Then it was that she confessed to the fact that she was not married to Morris, but that they had been living as husband and wife and would have continued to live so until he was in a position to marry her.

"After the confession Morris acted the part of ingrate, and on Friday he attempted to run away and leave the girl to her death, as he was aware that she could that she could not survive.

Just as the train was pulling out of the depot Morris was arrested and taken from the train and the facts related to his associations with the young lady, whose correct name was Blanche Whitemore of Onawa, Ia. He was placed in jail and has been awaiting the result of the girl's burns. Sunday the young women died and the remains were taken back to Onawa by the parents

"It is now charged that Morris is a married man and has a wife living in Cherokee, Ia, and from whom he intended to secure a divorce. He was arraigned today on the charge of adultery and will be tried at this term of court, which opens this week.

The father of the girl, Mr. Whitemore, says he will prosecute Morris to the full extent. Morris became acquainted with Miss Whitemore and represented to her at first that he was a single man and in that way gained control over her affections.

"Some time after she became suspicious that he was married and after hearing some reports about him had decided to give him up. In July she received a letter from a man in Sioux City, giving his name as Charles H. Rowley, who gave Morris a good character and refuted what had been said of him by other parties.

Later on Morris persuaded Miss Whitemore to accompany him to Mitchell and he agreed to marry her just as soon as he could secure a divorce form his present wife or she could get one from him. Nothing was done about the divorce proceedings and they have been living here since early in the fall, none suspecting them to be other than they represented.

The parents used every endeavor to keep their daughter from going with Morris and were suspicious that he was a married man, but had no proof of it. Morris wired his wife at Cherokee to join him here at once."

A Times reporter Tuesday after considerable difficulty succeeded in locating Mrs. Morris and was accorded a brief interview. She is employed at the Cherokee House and had just been reading the press account of her husband's pertidy when the reporter requested an interview.

She came into the room in her working clothes and dispite of this and red eyes, made so by weeping, she appeared as a good looking young woman about 26 years of age. She talked very frankly of her past life. She and her husband were long time residents of Freemont, Neb., where the parents of each reside.

On the 18th of May five years ago they went from Fremont to a near by town, Schuyler, and were Married there, returning to Fremont where they resided until last June when they came to Cherokee and boarded at the Cherokee House where Mrs. Morris is now employed. He obtained employment as a brakeman, running south on the Onawa branch.

They lived happily together until Mrs. Morris discovered that her husband was corresponding with Miss Whitemore and this caused some friction but on his promise to give up this correspondence and have nothing more to do with the girl this trouble was bridged over. One evening last August he kissed her goodbye, saying that he was going up town but would be back again soon.

This is the last she ever saw of him. Sometime after this she received a letter from him saying that he was convinced they could not live happily together and asked her to get a divorce as he knew that he could not procure one from her as she had always been a true wife to him.

Mrs. Morris clung to the hope that her husband would see the error of his way and refused to take any steps toward procuring a divorce.

Monday evening she received a telegram from her husband asking her to come to Mitchell and saying a ticket would be at the depot for her but the telegram gave no intimination of any trouble and Mrs. Morris thought the long hoped for return of her husband's affections had come and the shock was very cruel when the truth came to her through the associated press dispatch.

When interviewed Mrs. Morris was undecided whether to go to Mitchell of not. She sill loves her truant husband and does not care to add to his trouble but says that if she should go to Mitchell and was called into court she would tell the truth and show her marriage certificate.

There are no children and Mrs. Morris is a hard working woman fully capable of making her own living.

75 years ago

Narrow escape when train hits Cherokee Auto

(Cherokee County News)

Francis Sauser and a girl companion narrowly escaped serious injury Sunday aternoon when the automaobile in which they were riding was struck by the west bound train at the Elm street crossing. The train struck the back end of Sauser's automobile, turn the car completely around and carried it a short distance up the track.

The occupants of the automobile escape unscathe and the automobile received only a slight dent in the fender. Sauser was going west and claimed he did not see the train. The train was moving slowly as it approached the tation.

Following the accident by standers extricated the car from the pilot of the engine where it had become caught.

Whippet Damaged

A Whippet coach, driven by Roy McManus was badly damaged when it collided with the rear end of a gravel truck parked at 220 East Main street at 9:30 o'clock Saturday night. The truck used for hauling gravel, was the property of Donald O'Brien, who was not in the vehicle at the time.

The Car driven by McManus struck the back end of the three ton truck with such force as to drive the front two wheels up over the curb. Windows in McManus' car were broken and one side of the top mashed in. The radiator also was mashed.

Washta Boy Hurt In Tumble from Horse; Hip Injured

By Inez Keck

Washta, Nov. 16-Huel Paulin was severely injured Thursday when a horse he was riding stumbled, threw him to the ground and then fell on him. Young Paulin was riding the horse to pasture after the cows and was some distance from his home when the accident occurred. His hip was dislocated and he was unable to walk or again mount his horse, and it was some time before his cries for help were heard by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Paulin.

Huel's younger brother suffered a broken jaw bone in a somewhat simmilar accident in recent months. He was riding a Shetland pony after the cows when a horse in the pasture kicked at the pony and struck the lad in the jaw.

50 years ago

Cherokee's Christmas chairman, Bob Northcraft, Saturday received the following wire from merry Mr. Claus at the North Pole:

"Will arrive in Cherokee on 6:50 p.m. train November 28 for opening of you Yuletide season."

Timesland youngsters are invited to be at the station to join in the royal welcome reception being planned for Santa.

Washington High School's marching band and seven Miss Merry Christmases will be on hand to add color to the festive occasion.

Mayor and Mrs. George Rapson and Chamber of Commerce head, Merwyn Samsel, and his wife also are to be present for Santa's arrival.

Miss Merry Christmas queens, who will assist Santa in Distributing treats to the children are:

Sharon Swanger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swanger, representing Washington High School.

Lynn Hanson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar E. Hanson, Representing Immaculate Conception School.

Donna Bezoni, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bezoni, Aurelia Consolidated School.

Patricia Sand, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Sand, Holy Name School, Marcus.

Joan George, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert George, Qumby.

Marie Olson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Olson, Meriden High School.

Carolyn Meyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mayer, Washta Consolidated School.

3 Cars Are Damaged in One Accident

Three vehicles were damaged at 3:20 p.m. Friday in a accident which occurred near the bridge on East Main Street.

According to report of Iowa Highway Patrol headquarters here, this mishap resulted when the first two cars involved were halted because of a previous accident at the site.

When cars driven by William S. Carlson of Cherokee and Lloyd Arne of Cherokee came to a stop, a third car driven by Jerry A. Wolcott of Aurelia was unable to stop because of ice on the bridge.

Wolcott's auto ran into the rear of Arne's car, shoving it into the rear of Carlson's vehicles. Damage done to these three vehicles was estimated at $75 for Carlson's car. and $400 to Arne's and $250 to Wolcott's

Patrol headquarters said the accident report on the previous mishap at this site had not been completed Friday afternoon. Involved in it was a 1956 Mercury, damaged to the extent of $500.

25 years ago

4 Homeless After Blaze

A drive has been launched to assist a Cherokee family of four who lost their home and all of their possessions in a fire Saturday night. Left homeless were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Morrows of 409 S. Eighth St. and their Children, Brian 6, and Eric, 3.

The Morrows were out to dinner Saturday night with friends and their children were staying with relatives when the fire broke out, apparently in the basement of the two-story frame structure, Marilyn Samesel of 421 S. Eighth said the blaze was first noticed by friends of the Samsels as they drove up in front of the couple's house. "They saw smoke coming from the front porch and told us," she said. The Samsels then phoned the Cherokee Fire Department.

Although there were no flames visible from outside the house, the fire had already caused considerable damage by the time firemen arrived, and smoke inside the house was so dense that firefighters at first could not enter the structure.

When they were able to gain entry, they found the fire had burned from the basement completely to the attic of the house. One fireman described the hole left by the flames as "big enough to put this truck in," indicating one of the department's large pumpers.

Firemen and neighbors said the fire may have started in the vicinity of a woodburning furnace or perhaps may have been attributed to a chimney fire. However, Phi Reinert of Cherokee, who with his wife was eating dinner with the Morrows at the time of the fire, said and investigation of the premises Sunday showed little indication of any problem in the vicinity of the woodburning stove.

Friends said the Morrows spent Saturday night with relatives out of town and Sunday night stayed in a Cherokee motel since Brian had to attend school today. They reportedly were expecting a claims adjuster from their insurance company today before determining where they will be living in the near future.

Mean while, Mrs. George Powell of rural Cherokee, a friend of the Morrows, announced a drive has begun to help the family replace some of their lost items. Clothing needed includes: men's shirts in large size and men's pants, 36 waist and 31 inseam; women's blouses in medium size and 9-10 slacks; boys' shirt size 6-7 slim, and boy's shirts 4-5 and pants in 4 regular.

Powell said donations of furniture, appliances and bedding also are being sought. Donated items may be left at the VFW Club or donors may call Powell at 225-5063.

Powell said he also planned to set up a fund drive today at Cherokee State Bank for persons who want to donate money for the family.

Pair Of Crashes Litter Highway

Two persons were hospitalized Monday night after a pair of crashes that left U.S 59 south of Cherokee littered with mangled vehicles.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, an accident occurring about 7:30 p.m. south of the railroad overpass near Thermogas indirectly resulted in the second, less severe accident.

Troopers said the first accident occurred when a northbound pickup truck driven by Keith R. Fisher, 26 of Columbia, Mo., was in collision with a southbound car driven by Ruth Winterton, 41, of 728 W. Cedar St. The Patrol said one of the vehicles crossed the center line, but the investigation is continuing.

The Winterton car spun around as a result of the impact and came to rest diagonally across the southbound lane, facing northeast. Fisher's pickup continued north on 59 and came to rest after striking a guardrail at the side of the road.

Both vehicles were demolished.

The second accident occurred within five minutes of the first, according to Patrol estimates. Troopers said a passerby directing traffic flagged down a northbound car driven by Steven L Kumm, 20, of Osmond, Neb. As Kumm stopped, he was struck in the rear by another northbound car, which was driven by Alston H. Parker, 79, of Holstein. Both cars received moderate damage.

The two crashes left the three cars blocking both lanes of traffic, while Fisher's pickup was on the shoulder several hundred feet north of the crash scene. Glass and vehicle parts littered several hundred feet to highway.

Fisher was treated at Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital and Released, as were Winterton and two passengers in her car, Vicky Buck, 215 E. Spruce St., and Eva Griffith, Hillside Apartments. Another Passenger in the Winterton car, Marjorie Hicks, 518 N. Fifth St., was admitted to the hospital for observation.

Also Admitted for observation was Parker.

Kumm's Father, Gerald, who was a passenger in his car, was treated and released.

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