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Thanksgiving recipes

Friday, November 24, 2006

Students from Kelly Pitts' second grade class at Roosevelt Elementary School share Thanksgiving recipes.

By: Kelsay Parrott

I put a turkey in a pan at 500 degrees. I add spices to it. I have stuffing too. My mom puts the stuffing together for us and we put stuff in it like stuffing and vegetables and potatoes and gravy, too. Our cousins come too. And my grandma makes fruit for us. We like Thanksgiving and we have fun too. My cousin had surgery on November 12, 2006. He is coming on this Thanksgiving. I have 3 cousins. One is 3 and a half. One is just 3. One is 7. He's the one that had surgery. He is okay. He had 6 teeth pulled out. His brother is Mason. He was born on my birthday.

By: Kyla Campe

Go to the store and get some. Two boxes of milk and two boxes of butter and time to twenty hours. Cookies: go to the store and get cooking batter. Go home and put it in to 50.

By: Dalton Mongan

Thanksgiving Turkey

You have to cook it for 1 hour. You have to shoot the turkey. Then you have to take out the guts. You have to take out the heart. You have to take out everything. You have to take off feathers. Or just get one from the store. Get lettuce and peach cocktail, corn and for dessert ice cream.

By: Kayla Riedeman

We go to the store to buy the turkey. We cook the turkey for 80 minutes. We have corn and pie and baked beans and potatoes and gravy.

By: Maria Ross

I get my gun to kill the turkey and me and my mom eat the turkey. But I put the time on 13:00 for me and my mom and we went to the store to get the pie.

By: Mitchell Brunsting

My Uncle Brandon and me and my name is Mitchell. We go on my Uncle Brandon's friend's land and my Uncle Brandon's friend is a grown-up. First we go find a place to hide. Then we call the turkey with some kind of whistle. Then it comes. Then we get ready to shoot and you're supposed to shoot it in the head. Then my uncle gets ready to shoot. Then he shoots. Then we go get the truck. Then we go get it. Then we put it in the truck. Then we bring it to my grandma's. Then we clean it. Then we put it in the oven. Then we leave it in the oven. Then we leave it in there for an hour. Then we take it out of the oven. Then we eat it with a lot of other kinds of food.

By: Clare Conley

My uncle always gets the turkey. Then my grandma puts spices on the turkey. Then she puts the oven on an hour to cook the turkey. Then she makes pies. One is apple, one is pumpkin. I help her make the stuffing with meat and dressing and then with the pie. My grandma puts cinnamon in the pies. Then me and her make start from scratch gravy and we make potatoes.

By: Kendra Thelen

I and my nana make turkey and homemade bread and butter. We have to put it in a bottle and shake it. And set the table. The temperature is 60 degrees. And after that maybe my cousin and I are going upstairs to eat a cake and pie.

By: Blake Tillotson

Buy the turkey. Cook the turkey for 20 minutes. Then you eat the turkey with stuffing and potatoes and gravy and butter with bread.

By: Hayden Graybill

We buy our own turkey and cook it for 3 hours or 2 hours. 70 degrees F. And we have mashed potatoes and ham and cheese sandwiches. We get stuffing.

By: Amanda VanRoekel

My mom puts it in the oven for 20 and the temperature is 30. The turkey is so good on Thanksgiving and the bananas and gravy and the milk and the buns and the butter.

By: Destiny Collins

We buy a turkey at the store. We put it in the oven and we cook it for 60 degrees. We put mashed potatoes and we eat pie after the turkey and mashed potatoes and rice. With the pie we will have cake and we will have jello.

By: Trey Valentine

One turkey from the store. Put it in the oven. Set it for 3 and a half hours and set the heat for 200 degrees F.

Wait-.. and then ready to eat.

Apple Pie - To make apple pie - one foil dish and one can of apple cider and one crust.

And those are my Thanksgiving recipes.

By: Jaron Wood.

We go to the store to buy a turkey. Set it for 10 minutes. When it is done fry it. Then set it again. Then you may eat turkey. Make a pie. Get the sack out. Set it in the microwave for 7 minutes. You made a pie.

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