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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Winding roads: Will the real guy stand up?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lately, it seems the news media is picking up stories that reveal an individual's inner self. You know, the favorites of many, such as Mel Gibson and Michael Richards of the "Seinfeld" TV show.

These two men had a big following as they had portrayed themselves as kind, thoughtful and generous individuals who also had a sense of humor. So will the real guy please stand up?

After they are caught, they have all kinds of excuses and everyone should not only forgive but forget. Some of you may think that is the correct road to take, but I disagree with that.

When one is in the public spotlight, one has to have enough smarts to know correct behavior and be wise in handling situations in an appropriate manner. How can you say all these things and not think at least a good part of it is so? They are just embarrassed because they let their stupidity show. These two have much in common, as their inner self came out. Before they knew what happened, it was too late. They are sincerely hoping to make a cover-up and get their lives back to what it was prior to these revelations.

Then of course, there is the O. J. Simpson thing. It was totally unreal that he thought he could go ahead and write such a book. I really wonder how his children are coping - with one parent dead, and the other found guilty by the American public. It is a tragedy for them.

If the public can make changes on this situation in a brief period of time, we certainly should be able to haul our politicians up by their shirt collars and hold their feet to the fire about wasting our tax dollars on many ill- conceived projects and free-loading our money. It almost gives one hope that there remains a public who are getting fed up with the low morals of some of those who run our government.

I am particularly pleased to hear about the mayor in Pennsylvania who is trying to do something about the cost of illegals living off our tax dollars. I find him to be a man of real character, who has earned my respect.

Education, medical and safety protection for these illegal immigrants has increased the burden on most of our cities and hamlets. I wish that community much success, and if more of us would let him and all politicians know we endorse such action, perhaps some of this mess would be cleaned up. It's like the rest of the world has no respect for us.