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Winding Roads: Tough decisions ahead

Thursday, December 14, 2006

People have as many ideas what the government should do in handling the war effort as there are people. There are folks who swallow everything their political party puts out, hook, line and sinker. There are people who believe with their whole heart this government is doing the right thing fighting this battle.

When servicemen return home and speak their minds, direct from their heart, it brings goose bumps and tears. Many proclaim what they are doing is quite necessary and many positive changes are being realized. They say the national media are not telling the whole story.

I'm sure these men feel and believe what they are saying. They come face to face with families and personal situations. They see hope and appreciation from many of those folks that do not get on TV. The media has a habit of rehashing over and over the same old line. Never have I heard reports dealing just with their schools, another with stores, manufacturing and economic recovery, utility recovery, medical services and so on. What percentage of homes have been destroyed or rebuilt?

Could the media not report on these items in detail due the fear of their own safety? I don't know. It gives me pause.

What I do think is that President Bush is loyal to his supporters in his administration. They will do him in before he would boot them out. He has not surrounded himself with the best of the best in all areas. Few presidents have accomplished that.

With the election, the people have basically said lets make some changes to stop the flow of blood and wasted dollars. In the last five years dollars have not always been spent wisely whether they were targeted for rebuilding or fighting the war.

I think I'd like to see a law on the book calling for people who make decisions based on what's best for their own personal pockets, verses serving the people of this country, to be found guilty of treason. They need to be labeled for what they are with a punishment fit for the crime such as hard work for the rest of their lives.

I also think Democrats who are drooling at the mouth thinking they want to sit in the White House and now think it will be a shoe in for some Democrat, ought to think again.

The proof of which political party will win the White House will be determined on who comes up with a successful idea and who will work cooperatively with the opposing party in the country's best interest. It is here that the media should be very careful how they report without putting so many slants on the news. The American public is tired of being "hood-winked".

I was one of those who felt it wouldn't erupt into a civil war but now, it's brewing and ready to explode. It's enough to make us all want to run for cover.

I appreciated one reporter's assessment that there really aren't any new ideas out there for Iraq. He was being honest rather than trying to appear smart. Perhaps tact, understanding of how folks from the Middle East think, knowing their values while being aware of their tactics might help us to know when and how to make the right moves.

Ford made news for trying to get its company out of the red by doing business with those who would like to destroy our nations. But as someone else said, everytime we buy fuel, we help terrorists. All motor companies could do more by building vehicles that get great mileage.

I said after the election, fuel prices would rise. They went up two weeks prior. I wonder if these oil companies are getting nervous as the situation in Iraq will either get better or everything will fall apart.

A time for prayer and reflection is good for all of us---especially this time of year as we think about the true meaning of Christmas.